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Meet the First Ladies Guided Reading Play Script  Product 23 of 47 in category History  Ancient China Guided Reading Play Scripts

Amazing Women Guided Reading Play scripts

Amazing Women Guided Reading Play scripts
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Amazing Women Guided Reading Scripts

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This set of 5 Guided Reading play scripts(group readers/Readers Theater) plus quizzes starts by taking a look at Amazing Women from across the world and across the centuries, and then focuses on the part played by women in shaping America's history - fighting for a voice both in society and politics.

Reading time for each play is around 10 minutes. There are also quizzes - one for each, varying from 25 to 50 questions.

1.Amazing Women From Across the World:  15th -  20th century



Elizabeth I

Catherine the Great

Indira Gandhi

Eleanor Roosevelt

Joan of Arc

Eleanor:               Well, thank you. Though I did just what I felt was right.

Catherine:           And you will go down in history as being a shining beacon of light. Course, that's what some of us set out to do - but things just didn't quite work out that way.

Indira:                   I know exactly what you mean. It was my intention to make things better for the poor in my nation but somehow events got in the way.

Elizabeth:            Being a woman at the top is never easy.

Indira:                   Especially when you are ‘the first'  - like me!

Elizabeth:            And me!

Indira:                   But you ‘inherited' your thrown - you were the next in line. I had to prove myself - and get elected - India's first female prime minister!

Catherine:           And it was hardly a ‘walk in the park' for me, getting to be empress of Russia.  You wouldn't believe the lengths I had to go to!

Joan:                     Like getting your husband, the Emperor, ‘removed'!

Interviewer:       Let's remind ourselves of your words, that it "pleased Almighty God to remove the late emperor by a sudden and violent malady"!


2. Amazing Women  From Across the World:  20th Century


Mother Theresa

Helen Keller (Helen)

Anne Frank (Anne)

Marie Curie (Marie)

Princess Diana (Di)

Margaret Thatcher (Maggie)


M. Theresa:        Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.

Di:                           Life is beauty, admire it.

Anne:                    Life is a dream, realise it.

Helen:                   Life is a challenge, meet it.

Maggie:                 Life is a duty, complete it.

Marie:                   Life is a game, play it.

M. Theresa:        Life is costly, care for it.

Di:                           Life is wealth, keep it.

Anne:                    Life is love, enjoy it.

Helen:                   Life is a mystery, know it.

Maggie:                Life is a promise, fulfil it.

Marie:                   Life is sorrow, overcome it.


3. Amazing Women in the  American Women's Suffrage Movement



Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Lucy Stone

Carrie Chapman Catt

Jeanette Rankin

Alice Paul


Interviewer:       (With a slight shake in his voice) Good morning, ladies! I am honored to be in your midst!

Elizabeth:            And a little overawed, by the sounds of it!

Interviewer:       Well, I am the only man here!

Lucy:                      And since when has that ever stopped you men?

Interviewer:       Now, ladies. I trust we're not going to get confrontational?

Carrie:                   Only if necessary!

Jeanette:             Not so much need, today, perhaps. We all stand here as equals!

Alice:                     About time too!

Interviewer:       Well, let me just say how much I admire what you did.

Alice:                     You'd best not be patronizing!


4. Amazing Women in the American Civil Rights Movement



Sojourner Truth

Harriet Tubman

Ida Wells

Fannie Lou Townsend Hamer

Rosa Parks


Interviewer:       You ladies never gave up!

Fannie:                 Well, as I said at the time "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired".

Interviewer:       And your bravery, Harriet, knew no boundaries.

Harriet:                 Well, like I said "I can't die but once"!

Interviewer:       And you, Sojourner, will certainly never be forgotten.

Sojourner:          As I said on my death bed "I'm not going to die honey; I'm going home like a shooting star!"

Interviewer:       And to think of all the injustice you, Ida, brought to light...

Ida:                        700 cases of false charges against victims of those terrible lynchings - innocent people hanged by the mob.

Interviewer:       And not forgetting you, Rosa - "the great fuse that led to the modern stride toward freedom" - the words of Martin Luther King himself!

Rosa:                     I feel honored to have been symbolic of the power of the individual.


5. Amazing First Ladies 31-35



Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy       Wife of John F. Kennedy

Claudia Taylor Johnson                  Wife of Lyndon B. Johnson

Pat Ryan Nixon                                 Wife of Richard Nixon

Betty Bloomer Ford                        Wife of Gerald Ford

Rosalynn Smith Carter                   Wife of Jimmy Carter


Claudia:                You were a true champion of the cause - what bravery you showed in undergoing surgery!

Betty:                    But no more than any of the other tens of thousands of women out there! They're all just as brave but nobody hears about them.

Pat:                        And that's why you were so admired. Not just for your own personal battle with cancer, but for having the courage to speak out about it. It was something of a taboo subject before. Women didn't feel comfortable talking about it. And you changed all that.

Rosalyn:               You made it easier for women to face their fears

Jacqueline:         The result being thousands of women began to have check- ups - so vital for  the early detection of the disease.

Claudia:                Think of all the lives you must have saved! I might have campaigned for women's rights, but you gave a lot of those women life!

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