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Rainforest Assembly  Product 7 of 20 in category Science  A Brief History of Space

Changing States of Materials Assembly

Changing States of Materials Assembly
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Price £12.99 


Changing States of Materials Assembly

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Cast Size

Written for class of 30 but numbers can be easily adjusted up or down (up by adding additional ‘performers/dancers’ or down by a simple process of ‘doubling up’ on lines).


Around 20 minutes. This is a rough approximation, based on ten minutes reading time and about the same again (maybe more) for inclusion of music/singing/dancing.

This assembly covers the changing state of materials (via temperature change) with examples of reversible and irreversible change; plus the Water Cycle. As always, the inclusion of well known songs adds to the general fun of the performance.

Sample Text:

(Enter Ice Cube, Water and Water Vapour)

Narrator:             And you are?

Ice Cube:             Ice Cube!

Water:                 Water!

Water Vapour:   Water Vapour!

Narrator:             And?

Ice Cube:             (Adopting a cool stature) I’m cool!

Water Vapour:   (Striking a pose) I’m hot!

Water:                 And I’m ….. er, didn’t I just say ‘Water’?

Narrator:             (Stroking chin reflectively) Hmmm. Something tells me I may have to do a fair bit of prompting this morning.

                              (Turning to Water) So, would you mind telling us what kind of state you’re in?

Water:                 Well, I woke up this morning feeling totally fine.

Water Vapour:   Speak for yourself! I felt rather hot and bothered!

Ice Cube:             Oh, take a chill pill, lady! It’s always good to stay cool!

Narrator:             (Shaking his head in exasperation) No! No! I mean, what state are you in?

Water:                 (Scratching head) Well, let me think. If I was living in the United States, I’d probably

                              answer ‘New York State’ or ‘New Hampshire’ or 

Narrator:             (Exploding) What is going on here? Have you guys any idea what our assembly is on this morning? I thought we’d been over all this in our Science.

(Ice Cube, Water and Water Vapour look at each other and then all three clutch heads as they realise what’s expected of them)

All three:              Oh! Of course! Our science lessons!

Ice Cube:             You mean, solids!

Water:                 Liquids!

Water Vapour:   And gases!

Narrator:             (Gasping with relief) At last! What were you thinking? (Aside to audience) I don’t know, the state of some of these children’s minds today  So … Our starting point today. All materials are either solid, liquid or gas 

Ice Cube:             Solid water is called ice.

Water:                 Liquid water is called …. Water!

Water Vapour:   Water as a gas is called steam or water vapour.

Narrator:             So, what have you three all got in common?

All three:              (Together) Water!

Water:                 But whereas I’m a liquid, they’re a solid and a gas! Different states, see! Easy!

Narrator:             So what changes you from one state to another?

Water Vapour:   Hey wait a minute! Who said anything about changing? I’m quite happy as I am!

Ice Cube:             Oh dear! Look who’s getting all hot and bothered! What did I tell you about staying cool?

Narrator:             Well, you should know! You are indeed the coolest of us all here today!

Ice Cube:             Only because I keep an eye on my temperature.

(Enter Solid, Liquid and Water Vapour 1 – 3)

Solid 1:                 (Holds up thermometer) As soon as he starts going over nought degrees Celsius he turns into

Water:                 Me!

Liquid 1:               That’s called melting – changing from a solid into a liquid.

Water:                 But I have to watch my temperature too as the minute I start cooling down

Solid 2:                 All the way down to nought degrees Celsius

Liquid 2:               That’s water’s freezing point

Water:                 I change into

Ice Cube:             Me!

Water:                 But I have to watch my temperature going the other way too

Water Vapour:   Yeah! If she gets really hot

Water Vapour 1:               To boiling point!

Water:                 (Furiously, shaking her fists) Yes, I know! I change into

Water Vapour:   Me!

Water Vapour 2:               A process called evaporation

Water Vapour 3:               When water changes from a liquid to a gas.

Water Vapour:                  But I too have to watch my temperature. As soon as I start cooling down, guess what happens?

Water:                                You change back into me again!

Liquid 3:                              A process called condensation.

Ice Cube:                            How cool is that? We’re all interchangeable!

Water:                                (Turning to Ice Cube) Yeah! I can be you

Ice Cube:                            And you can be me!

Water:                                (Turning to Water Vapour) And I can be you

Water Vapour:                  And you can be me!

Solid 3:                                (Holding up thermometer) Just through a rise or fall in temperature!

(Exit Solid, Liquid and Water Vapour 1 – 3)

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This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 16 September, 2012.
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