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Children of the World Assembly Diversity  Product 5 of 6 in category Educate Against Hate  Children's Rights Assembly

Educate Against Hate Assembly

Educate Against Hate Assembly
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Educate Against Hate Assembly

This script is suitable for secondary school children – possibly for upper end primary; but I think given the subject matter it is perhaps appropriate for a more mature age.

The main focus is that of promoting the bigger picture in schools to our children so that they are not taken in by the 'smaller picture' and/or swayed by the dogmatic views of extremists.

I would like to stress that this script is not intended as a ‘piece of politics’ but as a message of common sense. 

Cast Size

30 -  easily adaptable up or down.


Around 10 to 15 minutes. 

Sample Text:

Child 21:          But how do people get so hoodwinked into listening to this stuff? How can they not see what is going on? How can they be so misguided?

Child 22:          Because they are vulnerable. That is why these extremists choose them. They pick on people who have not had the education to question what is put before them. The extremists know this.  They know full well that faced with a bit of rational questioning they would be shown up for what they are.

Child 23:          Complete and utter frauds.

Narrator:         That is why education is so important. Hopefully if you give children the bigger picture, they will see what is wrong with this smaller one that is being offered.

Child 24:          You will never remove evil from the world completely.

Child 25:          There will always be those who seek to exploit the weak, who trade on others’ unhappiness.

Child 26:          Which is why we must stay strong and protect those who need protecting from these evil people.

Narrator:         That is our job as educators. To give children the big picture and provide them with coping mechanisms when things look bad.

Child 27:          Yeah. You can’t go through life in permanent sunshine.

Child 28:          And some do undoubtedly have a much tougher time than others.

Child 29:          But bowing to evil, to the demands of extremists?

Child 30:          That is not the answer.

Narrator:         We have to show a united front (pauses) knowing that good, through education, will prevail over evil in the end.

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 19 January, 2016.
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