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Go Obama!  Product 23 of 61 in category History  Bonfire Night School Assembly

Events Leading up to the American War of Independence Class Play

Events Leading up to the American War of Independence Class Play
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Price £11.99 


To place an order, please scroll down to the bottom of this page. 

This Class Play, on the Events Leading up to the American War of Independence, based on a class of 30 (*For class of 26, see alternative speaking arrangements at the end of each Cast list) is divided up into THREE sections, with parts allocated as follows:

  • 1. Half the class allocated parts for the first section (Boston Massacre - 15 speakers)
  • 2. Half the class allocated parts for the second section (Boston Tea Party - 15 speakers)
  • 3. The whole class given a final set of parts for the third (Lexington and Concord - 30 speakers)

Redcoat Rap is included with this script as an optional extra - to be recited at the beginning or end of this play.

Suitable for upper elementary/middle schools.

This play is also available as a Readers Theater script in READERS THEATER Class Plays section; and as set of 5 guided reading play scripts in GUIDED READING play scripts section.

Sample Texts

(Child walks across stage with The Boston Massacre March 5th 1770 banner)

Narrator:             It was the night of March 5th 1770. Private Hugh White was on guard duty outside the Custom House in Boston. He was soon joined by a group of jeering boys who didn't seem to mind the extreme cold.


(Enter Boys 1, 2, 3 and 4 taunting guard on duty, Private Hugh White)


Boy 1:                    Just look at him, waltzing up and down, in his fine uniform!

Boy 2:                    Anyone would think he had nothing better to do!

White:                  I suggest you find something better to do! Be off!

Boy 3:                    Ooh! Is that a threat, Mr. Lobsterback?

White:                  You mind your tongue, young man, or ..

Boy 4:                    Or what, Mr. Redcoat? Or what?

White:                  Don't push your luck, sonny!

Boy 1:                    What you gonna do?

Boy 2:                    You wouldn't go firing on innocent civilians now, would you?

Boy 3:                    That sure would get you into heaps of trouble.

Boy 4:                    Us being mere boys

Boy 1:                    And unarmed. So, looks like you're stuck!

White:                  I wouldn't bet on it. You come another step nearer and you'll be sorry.

Boy 2:                    He's bluffing!

White:                  You reckon?



(Child walks across stage with The Boston Tea Party December 16th 1773 banner)

Narrator:             On November 11th 1773 a ship called the Dartmouth sailed into Boston Harbor. Nothing

                                unusual about that you might think - but just over a month later its cargo of tea, plus that of 2 other cargo ships, lay at the bottom of the ocean.


(Enter Thomas Hutchinson, Royal Governor, plus his son, and two merchants)


Hutchinson:        (Holding up binoculars) What a wonderful sight! Just look at that beautiful ship, the Dartmouth! How proud the East India Company must be to have such a vessel!

Son:                       And how lucky I am to work for that company! Thanks for getting me the job, Dad!

Merchant 1:       Huh! All very fine for those East India Company employees!

Merchant 2:       Yeah! They have a total monopoly on selling tea over here!

Merchant 1:       Talk about biased laws! How are the rest of us meant to make a living?

Son:                       Tough luck, mate! With the Tea Tax and the East India Company's stranglehold on the tea market, I guess you'd best find yourselves another way of making a living!


(Exit Hutchinson, son, and two merchants)


Narrator:             Yet another example of the British throwing their weight around! Did they really think the people of Boston would give up without a fight?


(Enter Patriots 1 and 2)


Patriot 1:              Not likely!

Patriot 2:              We'll not have anything forced upon us, least of all a cup of tea!



(Child walks across stage, carrying Lexington and Concord April 18/19 1775 banner)


Whole cast:        Listen, my children, and you shall hear

                                Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere.


Narrator 1:          On the night of April 18th 1775 Paul Revere was getting himself ready for the ride of his



(Enter Paul Revere)


Revere:                                This is it! I'm off to warn my fellow countrymen that the Regulars are coming!

                                First stop: Christ Church*


(Enter Robert Newman)


Newman:            What news?

Revere:                                General Gage is taking nine regiments across the Charles River.

Newman:            So that means ‘by sea!' My cue to put 2 lanterns up in the steeple!

Revere:                Correct. Make sure they're shining clear and bright so that our men get the message. So long! I must be off - to get a good way ahead of those Brits!

Newman:            Good luck! Be safe! And God speed!

Revere:                                Thank you!


(Both exit)


Narrator 2:          And with that, Paul Revere set off on his mission: to warn Samuel  Adams and John Hancock, in Lexington,  that they would be taken prisoner if they stayed there;  and to warn the folk of Concord that their stores of ammunition and arms would also be taken if they did not hide them away.

But before he got to those two towns, he had to cross the Charles River  .... in the pitch dark.


Music  5 Rock the Boat - Hues Corporation (Whole cast singing along)


(Enter Revere,  ‘shushing' cast)


Revere:                                Hey, shush, you lot! What are you trying to do? Alert King George's men or something?


(Getting into boat with Boatman 1 and 2)



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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 02 March, 2009.
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