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Queen's Diamond Jubilee Assembly in celebration of 1952 2012  Product 37 of 55 in category Calendar Dates (Xmas, Leavers Assemblies)  Our School's Got Talent Leavers' Assembly

Mother's Day Assembly

Mother's Day Assembly
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Price £5.99 
Model Mother’s Day Assembly


Mother’s Day Assembly

Cast of around 25 (easily adapted up or down)

Duration: around 15 minutes

This Mother’s Day Assembly has a cast of ‘real’ and ‘unreal’ mothers – conveying the message that, as  mothers, we all do our best but perfection is a little beyond our remit! Thankfully, the cast members readily accept this – in fact, they favour the ‘real mums’ over the ‘sugar ‘n’ spice ones!

Sample Text:

Cast of 25:



Sugar n Spice Mums (4)

Real Mums (4)

Old Woman and ‘crowd of children’ (4)


Child 1 - 10


Music 1

Narrator:         Good morning and welcome to our Mother’s Day Assembly! Mothers, as we know, are something special. I mean, where would we be without them? Well, not here today, that’s for sure! March 18th   Mothering Sunday, is a very special day which we would like to celebrate with you. This assembly was written in tribute to all those mothers who

(Sugar n Spice Mums step forward, one at a time)

S & S Mum 1:  Leap out of bed every morning

S & S Mum 2:  (Beaming from ear to ear) Smiling!

S & S Mum 3:  Wishing everyone a ‘Good morning!’

S & S Mum 4:  And then go straight down to the kitchen to make everyone the most scrummy breakfast!

Narrator:         (Gesturing to all of them to sit down) Well thank you ladies! That was delightful!

(Exit S & S Mums)

Child 1:            (Indignantly) Hang about!

Narrator:         I beg your pardon?

Child 2:            Well, are you seriously trying to say that this lot (pointing to S & S Mums) are what Mums are really like?

Narrator:         Er, yes ..

Child 3:            You cannot be serious!

Child 4:            (To cast) Do any of you have a mum like that?

(All cast shake their heads)

Child 5:            Let’s take a look at what real mums are like!

(Enter Real Mums)

(Sound of alarm clock going off)

Real Mum 1:   (Groaning) Oh no! Not already! I can’t possibly face the day yet!

Real Mum 2:   Time for breakfast! (Shrieking) Kids! Get down here now!

Real Mum 3:   If you’re not down here in five minutes, there’ll be big trouble!

Real Mum 4:   Eat! Get ready for school! Then out the door – on the double!

Narrator:         (Whistling) Phew! That was (pausing) er um, a little harsh?

Child 5:            But that’s what it’s really like first thing in the morning. Everyone’s grumpy – including mothers!

Narrator:         So, what’s it like, last thing at night?

(Enter Sugar n Spice Mums)

S & S Mum 1:  Now come along children!

S & S Mum 2:  Time for beddie byes!

S & S Mum 3:  Nightie nightie!

S & S Mum 4:  Sweet dreams!

(Exit Sugar n Spice Mums)

Child 6:            (Sarcastically) Yeah! Right! In your dreams!

Child 7:            More like

(Enter Real Mums)

Real Mum 1:   (Angrily) How long did I say you could be on that computer? Get off it now!

Real Mum 2:   (Furiously) Get up these stairs now!

Real Mum 3:   (Beside herself with rage) If I have to come and get you …!

Real Mum 4:   (Shouting) Turn off that light now!

(Exit Real Mums)

Narrator:         (Covering his ears) My goodness! Is that any way to treat children?

(Enter S & S Mums, all shaking their head and tutting disapprovingly)

S & S Mum 1:  Well! That really is no way to speak to

All S & S Mums:          (Chiming in together) Our little sugar plum fairies!

Narrator:         Ah! That’s better!

Child 8:            (Pretending to be sick) Ugh! I think I’m going to be ill!

(S & S Mum 2 rushes over to cuddle Child 8)

S & S Mum 2:  Ah! There! There!

(Child 8 resists)

S & S Mum 3:  He needs some proper tender loving care!

S & S Mum 4:  (Trying to hug Child 8) Come to mama!

(Child 8 retreats rapidly; S & S Mums look puzzled, then sigh and return to seats)

Narrator:         Well! How very strange!

Child 9:            Not strange at all! Every mum is different.

Child 10:          There is no right or wrong way of being a mother. Every family is different

(Enter Old Woman, with ‘house-sized’ shoe and crowd of children)


Whole cast recites nursery rhyme:               


There was an Old Woman

                        Who lived in a shoe.

                        She had so many children

                        She didn’t know what to do.


(Enter Sugar n Spice Mums, interrupting)


All Sugar n Spice Mums:                     She gave them some broth

                                                And a big slice of bread,

                                                Then kissed them all soundly

                                                And put them to bed.


Rest of Cast:    (Shouting angrily) Oh no she didn’t!


Child 1:                        That’s not the version we know!

Narrator:         (Sighing) OK! So let’s hear it from the rest of you!

Rest of cast:    She gave them some broth

                        Without any bread

                        Then whipped them all soundly

                        And put them to bed!


(Exit Old Woman and crowd of children, followed by Sugar n Spice Mums tutting and shaking their heads in disgust)

Narrator:         (Scratching chin) Hmm! Well, I believe some of these nursery rhymes have been changed a little over the years - for a reason!

Child 2:            OK! So we’re not suggesting that that Old Woman was a particularly good role model!

Child 3:            Yeah! I guess she would hardly be number one choice for Mother of the Year!

Child 4:            But what we’re trying to say is, mothers are only human!

Child 5:            They get tired and stressed – it’s not easy doing everything they have to!

(Child dressed as ‘Superwoman’ stands up, strikes brief pose, then sits down again)

Child 6:            It’s hard trying to be Superwoman all the time!

Child 7:            Of course we’d like them to have eternal patience

Child 8:                        But on the whole, a real mum doing the best she can is all we really need.

Child 9:                        We would now like to read you some poems about real mums.






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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 13 March, 2012.
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