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Olympic Games Assembly for Key Stage I  Product 15 of 25 in category Sport  Olympics 2012 Assembly for Key Stage I Cast of 75

Olympic Games Assembly: history and 2012 sporting events

Olympic Games Assembly: history and 2012 sporting events
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Olympic Games Assembly: history and 2012 sporting events

This script is a combination/condensed version of two previous scripts: History of the Olympic Games and Olympic Games 2012. Whilst its main focus is coverage of all the 2012 sporting events, there is included a list of the previous 'host nations' (but without all the accompanying information i.e. medals won and 'events' on and off the course - inclusion of all this material would have made a single script far too long). Also included is the Olympic Ode - as an optional extra. Thus, the cast can be as small as 30 or as great as 75, with a cast of 52 as another possibility - the production notes explaining these numbers fully.

The duration is from 20 minutes to at least 30 minutes - this does not include music options.

Sample Text:

(Enter Child 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24 – striding around menacingly, bracing muscles and snorting)

Narrator:         Oh my! And who have we got here?

Child 20:          Boxing!

Child 21:          Wrestling!

Child 22:          Judo!

Child 23:          Taekwondo!

Child 24:          Weightlifting!

Narrator:         (Cowering) Well, a very good day to you, gentlemen!

                        (Aside) I sure wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of this lot!

                        (Taking a closer look at Child 20) But wait! Why, you’re a girl!

Child 20:          How very observant of you!

Narrator:         (Spluttering) But, but ..! This is boxing! It’s far too rough for ladies!

Child 20:          That’s where you’re wrong! 2012 is allowing women boxers in for the first time ever! About time too! Watch! (Demonstrates series of punches) Hook! Jab! See! Nothing to it!

Narrator:         Oh no! It’s all wrong!

Child 21:          Oh really! You’re beginning to sound as old as my sport – one of the oldest around! Watch out or (takes up menacing posture) -  you’re going down!

Narrator:         (Tutting disapprovingly) Ooh! That’s quite enough of you lot throwing your weight around!

Child 24:          Huh! There’s no way we throw our weights around! Believe me, you really wouldn’t want three times my body weight coming towards you! That’s about as much as I can lift and it’s heavy!

Trev:                Two lifts – one called a snatch when the bar is lifted from the floor to overhead in one movement; and the other called a clean and jerk – where the bar is raised to the shoulders and then overhead.

Sam:                Phew! Makes my eyes water just thinking about it!

Child 22:          You think that’s tough? You wanna try judo!

Child 23:          Or Taekwondo!

Trev:                Both based on the martial arts.

Child 22:          Throws and holds for judo!

Child 23:          Kicks and punches for taekwondo – the way of foot and fist!

Narrator:         (To Sam) I’d come away whilst you can, if I were you! They look as if they mean it!

                        (Bowing to Child 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24; and then ushering them to their seats) Thank you so much, gentlemen. Oh (correcting himself in front of Child 20) and m’lady! Next!

Music – 8

(Enter Child 25 pushing bicycle)

Narrator:         Oh dear! Whatever happened to you! Not quite the speed of our other Olympic athletes!

Child 25:          (Snorting)They don’t have wheels to oil and tyres to fix!

Narrator:         So, let’s start again! When things are going well, what can we expect from you?

Child 25:          Drama! Action! Craziness! (Pauses) Summed up in two words – Fast and Furious!

Narrator:         Wow! Tell us more!

Child 25:          Well, there are four cycling categories. BMX

Trev:                Bicycle Motocross – Jumps bumps and tight corners! Starting on a eight metre high ramp

Narrator:         I’m getting the crazy bit!

Child 25:          Then there’s mountain biking

Trev:                Not too many mountains in the south of England but a pretty special course set up at Hadleigh Farm in Essex, I’ve heard. Definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Child 25:          Then road and track biking.

Narrator:         And I’ve heard the host country have a pretty good chance of seeing a few medals?

Child 25:          I’ll say! The Brits scooped up seven of the ten gold medals at Beijing!

Narrator:         Wahoo! Oops, sorry, forgetting myself again! Next!

Music 9

(Enter Child 26 ‘on horseback’)

Narrator:         (Bowing to horse which bows back) Well, good day to you (pauses) both! You do seem to have a mighty well behaved horse there, ma’am !

Child 26:          As one would hope! We’re off to the dressage event in a few mins!

Narrator:         Well, don’t let me keep you. But before you go, could you tell us a little about these ‘equestrian’ events?

Child 26:          Why certainly! Dressage is all about appearance. We – that is, my horse and I -  both have to look extremely smart and do everything ‘just so’. Dressage is also a part of ‘eventing’ along with cross country and jumping.


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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 19 June, 2012.
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