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Ocean Assembly  Product 2 of 13 in category Science Assemblies for Key Stage I  Our Planet Assembly for Key Stage I

Plants Assembly for Key Stage I

Plants Assembly for Key Stage I
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Plants Assembly for Key Stage I

'I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful assembly! We just performed and it was a big hit with parents and staff alike!' - this comment received 26.1.17 from lovely teacher at Kew Prep School, many thanks!

Cast of 30, approx duration 20 minutes

Radiant flowers and ... jealous bees? Join Bizz and Bozz (two bees who really can't mind their own 'bizzzziness'!), a beekeeper, 26 plants .. oh and one very patient narrator!

Sample Text

Child 1:            I’m Algae and I live in water.

Bizz:                 (Darting away) Oooh! Don’t fancy getting my wings wet near you!

Child 2:            I’m Buttercup

Bozz:                Ooh look! (Holding Buttercup's head under her chin) A glow! That means

Bizz:                 (Sarcastically) You like honey? Well, there’s a thing!

Child 3:            I’m Carnation. I’m often given - in love!

Bozz:                (Clasping her heart) Ah! To bee in love!

Bizz:                 (Cooing) To bee or not to be! That is the question! (Sighing adoringly at Bozz) Ah honey!

Narrator:         (Stepping in) Oh please! Can't this wait?

(Bizz and Bozz both shrug and ‘fly’ on to next plant)

Child 4:            I’m Daisy!

Bizz:                 (Aside) Looks a bit of a weed, to me!

Child 5:            I’m

Music 3 Edelweiss from Sound of Music

(Whole cast sings along to this song)

Narrator:         (To Edelweiss) And you are? (Aside) In case we haven’t already guessed?

Child 5:            Edelweiss!

Child 6:            I’m

(Music 4 Toxic – Britney Spears is ‘optional’ as explained in Production Notes)

Whole Cast:     Toxic!

(Bizz and Bozz fly behind Narrator for protection)

Narrator:         Pardon?

Child 6:            I’m actually a foxglove. But I am also poisonous – so don’t touch!

Child 7:            I’m Geranium. Lovely and harmless!

(Bizz and Bozz fly back over)

Bizz:     Oh! We like you!

Bozz:    Yeah! I’ve seen this one on the Bee Bee C!

Bizz:     Oh that’s right! With that gardener fellow – Alan Titmarsh!

Child 8:            (In rather snooty voice) I’m Hyacinth!

Bozz:                (Mocking) Oh lardy da! What airs!

Bizz:                 (Aside) Thinks she’s a bit above herself, this one!

Child 9:            I’m Ivy. I’m a creeper

Bozz:                Very down to earth!

Child 9:            And a climber!

Child 10:          I’m Jasmine!

Bizz:                 (Sighing) Ahh! So sweet smelling!

Child 10:          (Flirtatiously) And a princess in Aladdin!

(Bozz pushes Bizz onto next plant)

Bozz:                 (Jealously) Now, come on, honey!

Child 11:          I’m Kelp! A sea weed!

(Both bees hold their noses)

Bizz:     Not so sweet smelling!

(Both bees fly onto next plant)

Child 12:          I’m Lily! Beeautiful or what!

Bizz:     (Crooning) Oh indeed!


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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 20 June, 2012.
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