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Queen's Diamond Jubilee Assembly on English Monarchy  Product 35 of 63 in category History  First World War Assembly

Queen's Diamond Jubilee Assembly in celebration of 1952 2012

Queen's Diamond Jubilee Assembly in celebration of 1952 2012
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Price £12.99 


Queen's Diamond Jubilee Assembly in celebration of 1952 - 2012 

This is one of three scripts now available on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The other two are: 


1. The Queen's Diamond Jubilee assembly - about the Queen and her life, family, achievements etc.

2. The Queen's Diamond Jubilee assembly on the English Monarchy - this being a quick gallop from Alfred to our present queen!

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee assembly on the years 1952 - 2012 is an adaptation of my History of Rock n Roll assembly. This covers world events but with a musical twist (up to 34 suggested songs!)

These scripts can be bought individually or as part of a special 3 for 2 package. Buy 2 scripts online, and let me know which one you want free - I will then send all three scripts to you.


Sample Text:


Narrator:         And so to the 70s. Please someone tell me it wasn’t as crazy as the 60s! Not sure I can cope with much more!


Queen:            Oh tush, man! I’m finding this highly entertaining!


(David Bowie and the Spiders from Mars walk on)


Music 14 Jean Genie – David Bowie


(Queen screams and covers her face with her hands. Narrator rushes over to placate her)


Narrator:         Now, now, Your Majesty. Nothing to worry about! They might look weird but they’re really quite harmless!


Queen:                        (Gasping) But who are they?


Bowie:             I’m David Bowie and these are the Spiders from Mars!


Queen:            (Gasping) Spiders from Mars? Didn’t you just say I had nothing to worry about? I don’t remember there being an alien invasion any time in the 1970s?


(Enter Alice Cooper)


(Queen screams and dives for cover again)


Narrator:         Calm yourself, m’lady! He, Alice Cooper, is also perfectly harmless

                        (Aside) when he’s not biting off heads of bats … or was it chickens?


Queen:            (Screaming) I heard that! What kind of a monster is he?


Narrator:         Oh, perfectly harmless I assure you! Sing us a song, Alice!


Music 15 Schools Out – Alice Cooper


(Alice Cooper performing, rest of cast joining in and cheering)


Narrator:         Stop! Stop! We can’t have this anarchy! Not when we are entertaining our most gracious sovereign queen! I do apologise, Ma’am. I think our next ‘guest’ will be far more to your liking!


(Enter Donny Osmond)


Music 16 Puppy Love – Donny Osmond


Narrator:         Ahhhh. That’s more like it. Donny Osmond here, and this other nice young man, David Cassidy.


(Stage invaded by screaming fans, chasing Donny and David off)


Narrator:         Hmmm. Shame about the fans! Still, things did seem to be getting quieter!


Music 17 Come on Feel the Noise – Slade


Narrator:   Oh no. Just when I thought things were getting better. These boys! What we need are some nice young ladies.


Music 18 Can the Can – Suzi Quatro


Narrator:         Help!


Bob Marley:    Hey man. Take a chill pill. We weren’t all crazy in the 70s you know. Try a little reggae to sooth your brow, bro’!


Music 19 Jammin’ – Bob Marley


Narrator:         (Swaying)                    Ah, that’s better, man. (Suddenly remembers where he is). Ooops! Sorry. I could really get into this Chillin’ Ting!


(Enter Sex Pistols)


Music 20 God Save the Queen – Sex Pistols


(Queen sits in state of total shock)


(Narrator rushes over to queen and offers her handkerchief to mop her brow)


Queen:                        Well! I’m not often lost for words but ….


Narrator:         (Effusively) I’m so sorry, Your Majesty! I had no idea this punk band were performing here today! Whatever next!


Music 21 Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen


Narrator:         Ah! Queen!


Queen:                        Pardon?


Narrator:         No, that’s the name of the band, Your Majesty!


Queen:            What? Named after me? Ah, splendid! (Looks quizzically at Freddie Mercury’s black leather trousers) Mmm. Not quite sure about the trousers ..


Music 22 Baggy Trousers – Madness


Queen:            Ah! That’s better! Now. How about a few more current events. Where were we? Ah yes! The seventies!


(Enter 1970s children, holding up cards)


Child 1:            1971: Decimal currency is introduced in Britain.


Cast:                (Together) Phew! Maths lessons now much easier!


Child 1 (1971 continued): And Soviet Union launches first space station, Salyut 1.


Child 2:            1973: Coal miners strike in Britain. State of emergency and 3 day working week are proclaimed.


Child 3:            1976: Concorde flies!


Child 4:            1977: Star Wars becomes most successful film of the decade.


Child 5:            (Holding test tube with tiny doll inside) 1978: First test-tube baby is born in Britain. Wish my baby brother was as quiet as this one!

And cinemas everywhere rock to the sounds of Grease and

 Saturday Night Fever.


Child 6:            1979: First Woman Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.


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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 08 February, 2012.
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