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Ancient Greek Myths Guided Reading Play Scripts  Product 3 of 32 in category Literature  A Christmas Carol

Shakepeare Guided Reading Play Scripts

Shakepeare Guided Reading Play Scripts
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Price £12.99 


8 Shakespeare Group Readers or guided reading play scripts, in style of Readers Theater: Macbeth, Hamlet, A Midsummer Nights Dream, Twelfth Night, Henry V, Romeo & Juliet, Anthony & Cleopatra and The Tempest

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Sample Texts from Set of 8 Shakespeare Plays (no quizzes)

Play 1: Macbeth



Lady Macbeth




King Duncan


King Duncan:      Call yourself my general? Bah! Some man! Not even able to stand up to your own wife!

Macbeth:            Well you should try it! Once she sets her mind on something ...

Banquo:               But what about your mind? How could you first murder your own king, and then me, your best friend?

Macduff:             It's called ‘divided loyalties'.  Shame he listened to his wife .. rather than his own conscience.

Macbeth:            But all that power! Being a king! How could I resist? What else could I do?

King Duncan:      Er. . only a suggestion, but how about ‘No!'


Play 2: Hamlet



Claudius (Hamlet's step father)

Gertrude (Hamlet's mother)

Polonius (Lord Chamberlain)

Laertes (son of Polonius)

Ophelia (daughter of Polonius)


Ophelia:               If only I had known what you were going through. I just thought you didn't love me anymore.

Polonius:             It looked very much that way.

Hamlet:                A shame you didn't just stay out of it. You'd still be alive today if you hadn't interfered.

Claudius:              Played right into my hands.  My personal spy - using his own daughter to find out what Hamlet was up to.

Gertrude:            Like that night at the theatre.


Play 3: A Midsummer Night's Dream






Oberon (King of the Fairies)

Puck (Oberon's servant)


Helena:                                Love! Whoever said it made the world go round!

Puck:                     Not in my experience!

Lysander:            Not when certain ‘powers' are placed in the wrong hands!

Hermia:                                All it does is turn the world upside down!

Demetrius:         Certainly very confusing, when you're in love with one woman one minute, and someone else the next!

Helena:                To say nothing of what it's like to be on the receiving end!

Oberon:               (tutting). Tch! Tch! Never satisfied these earthlings!

Hermia:                Huh! Coming from you! You who schemed to have your own wife fall in love with a donkey! What was that all about?


Play 4: Twelfth Night


Sebastian (twin to Viola)

Viola alias Cesario (twin to Sebastian)

Olivia (Countess)

Orsino (Duke of Illyria)

Malvolio (servant to Olivia)

Sir Toby Belch (uncle to Olivia)


Malvolio:             Well, considering who you first fell for ...

Olivia:                    Oh please! How was I to know he was a she!

Orsino:                 Yes, you weren't the only one to get it wrong! There I was, lovesick over you, a countess who had no interest in me; whilst the love of my life was there, in front of me, all the time!

Sir Tony Belch:   But disguised as a page, Cesario.

Olivia:                    The most beautiful youth I had ever seen.  No wonder I fell in love with him!

Viola:                     And no wonder I ran a mile!


Play 5: Henry V


Henry V

Princess Catherine

Sentry (Michael Williams)

French King (Charles)

French Ambassador

Earl of Cambridge


Henry:                  No man should ever be punished for speaking his mind.

Cambridge:         Even when he accused his young king of getting his soldiers to do all his dirty work?

Ambassador:     And being too young and inexperienced to be leading an army?

Charles:                I don't think I would have stood for that!

Catherine:           But that's precisely what made Henry such a great king. He was prepared to listen to the common man, even if it was in criticism of himself.

Sentry:                 Exactly. Pride was not something our young king suffered from.

Play 6: Romeo and Juliet






Friar Lawrence

Prince of Verona


Juliet:                    But even if you had, nothing could have stood in the way of our love!

Tybalt:                  Except me!

Mercutio:            Yes, you sure messed things up for them!

Tybalt:                  What? By being killed by Romeo?

Romeo:                But not before you had killed my best friend, here -  Mercutio.

Prince:                  All the same. Taking the law into your own hands was a big mistake.

Romeo:                And one I regretted almost immediately afterwards.


Play 7: Antony & Cleopatra





Octavius Caesar



Cleopatra:           A match made in heaven! Oh to be in love!

Antony:                                Indeed, my Cleopatra! Your beauty outshone even that of Helen of Troy!

Octavia:                And his bravery was, at one time, equal to none!

Servius:                                Meaning?

Octavius:             Meaning that his life as a soldier, looking after his homeland, came to a lengthy halt, whilst his attentions were diverted elsewhere!

Lepidus:               To be duped by that Egyptian temptress!

Octavius:             A sorry fate for such a man. Though my uncle, the great Julius Caesar, was also taken in by her winning ways.


Play 8: The Tempest









Caliban:                Phew! The lengths some people will go to right past mischief!

Miranda:              By which you mean helping my dad's brother, Antonio, to steal his dukedom? And then to put us on a boat to nowhere, in the hope that we'll perish?

Caliban:                Hmm. Now when you put it like that .... Maybe ‘mischief' doesn't quite cover it!

Prospero:            I'll say! Theft and then attempted murder!

Ferdinand:          And yet you still found it in your heart to forgive him? How so?

Prospero:            By looking at you and my daughter! Love is a great healer!


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