Robin Hood Assembly or Class Play


Robin Hood Assembly or Class Play


Robin Hood Assembly or Class Play has a Cast of 30 – easily adaptable up or down. With a duration of around 15 minutes reading time. This does not include *music suggestions/dance routines which could potentially double the length of the performance.

So, are those Merry Men about to have their smiles turned upside down?


Not even in the face of those brutish Guards?

Double never! Not when you’ve got some neat tricks/moves up the sleeves of your tunic!

See how good triumphs over evil without any blood being shed – it is a family show!

*Sample Playlist for Robin Hood Assembly 

  • Bad – Michael Jackson
  • I Need a Hero – Bonnie Tyler
  • Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting – Carl Douglas
  • Happy – Pharrell Williams

Sample Text for Robin Hood Assembly 

Narrator:                             Hey! You might think you’re a hero!

Peasant 1:                           But you haven’t done anything yet!

Narrator:                             Right! All that dancing and prancing!

Peasant 2:                           You need to demonstrate to us that you’re a hero!

Narrator:                             No more theatrics!

Peasant 3:                           Prove yourself!

Narrator:                             Stop all this lovey-dovey stuff – that can wait til later!

Peasant 4:                           It’s our futures you need to change!

Peasant 5:                           Show us you’re the man you say you are!

Peasant 6:                           Take on those baddies!

Peasant 7:                           Be our hero!

Robin Hood:                       Hey! Steady on! I may be pretty good with this bow and arrow

Maid Marion:                     (Sighing) The best, or so I’ve heard!

Robin Hood:                       But taking on the whole of Prince John’s crowd? Whoa! That’s a tall order!

(Enter Little John, squaring up to his great height)

Little John:                          Well, I, Little John, am more than up to the challenge!

(Enter rest of Merry Men)

                                    Friar Tuck:           And you can count me, Friar Tuck, in!

Alan-a-Dale:       And me, Alan-a-Dale!

Will Scarlet:        And me, Will Scarlet!


Much the Miller’s Son:   And me, Much the Miller’s Son!

           Narrator:             (Clutching head) Oh wow! That’s some fighting force you have there, Robin! An overweight man of the church, a minstrel, an ex-soldier and a miller’s son!

          Peasant 1:           (Sarcastically) Wonderful!

          Peasant 2:           More than enough to take on Prince John’s men!

          Peasant 3:           They won’t know what’s hit them!

          Peasant 4:           The friar’s belly

          Peasant 5:           The minstrel’s lute

          Peasant 6:           The ex-soldiers rusting sword

          Peasant 7:           Or the miller’s son’s bag of flour!

          Peasant 1:           Some army! Come on, folks. Let’s leave this lot to their fantasies!

         (Exit Peasants, muttering sadly)

          (Enter Prince John, Sheriff of Nottingham and Sir Guy of Gisborne plus Guards)

           Sir Guy of Gisborne:        (To Robin Hood) Aha! The villain himself! Seize him, guards!

          (Guards seize Robin Hood)

          Maid Marion:     Why you cowards! Seven against one! I’d hardly say that was fair!

          Sheriff of Nottingham:   (Laughing) But hadn’t you heard, sweet lady? Nothing is fair around here!

          Robin Hood:       She’s right! You’re all cowards!

          Prince John:       (Gasping) I beg your pardon! Who are you to call me, a coward?


         Sir Guy of Gisborne:        Huh! A mere outlaw – who robs from the rich to give to the poor. Where are they all now, when you need them?

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