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Odysseus and the Cyclops Assembly and Guided Reading Script  Product 10 of 22 in category Ancient Greeks  Theseus and the Minotaur Assembly plus Guided Reading Script

Theseus and the Minotaur Assembly or Class Play

Theseus and the Minotaur Assembly or Class Play
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Price £12.99 


Ancient Greek Myths Theseus and the Minotaur Assembly or Class Play

Cast of 30 - easily adaptable up or down

Duration: 10 - 15 minutes reading (this does not include music suggestions)

Tale of deceit, sacrifice, revenge - could it be an Ancient Greek version of EastEnders?! Another Ancient Greek Myth for primary school children to enjoy - with just the suggestion of Beauty and the Beast thrown in!

Monsters and heroes - not the easiest cast to deal with! But then Poseidon is more than man - sorry, make that -  god enough to take this lot on!

Also available (as separate purchase): This assembly plus Guided Reading Script plus Quiz

Sample Text:

Music 1 – El Matador Music

(Cast file into hall, in order of speaking, taking seats along two rows of fifteen facing the audience)

Poseidon:         Welcome to this tale about

(Enter Theseus)

Music 2 Holding Out for a Hero – Bonnie Tyler (chorus)

(Theseus strides up and down, bracing his muscles and striking various ‘heroic postures’)

Theseus:          A hero! That’s me, Theseus!

(Theseus gestures to cast to cheer)

(Whole cast cheers)

Poseidon:         And

(Enter Minotaur)

Music 3 Deeper Underground – Jamiroquai (chorus)

(Minotaur ‘skulks’ up and down, glaring at both cast and audience)

Minotaur:        Me! The Minotaur!

(Minotaur ‘paws the ground’, snorts in anger and glares at cast who all boo)

Poseidon:         Hmm. Quite a split! In fact

Theseus:          (Interrupting) You could say, Good versus Evil!

Poseidon:         (Glaring at Theseus) I could! But I’m not going to, if it’s all the same to you!

                        (To audience, aside) These heroes! Think they’re God’s Gift!

Theseus:          Well, you may not have regarded me as a gift (pauses) Dad! (Pauses) But my other father did!

(Enter Aegeus)

Aegeus:           Ah Theseus, my son! There you are!

                       (To audience) I hope you haven’t been listening too much to this god, here (pointing at Poseidon). Gods! Way too much time on their hands and far too many off spring to show for it!

Poseidon:         What was that?

Aegeus:           Oh nothing, Poseidon! Just commenting on how creatively you fill your time. Truly awesome!

Poseidon:         Well, as God of the Seas I guess I am rather (pauses) what did you say? Oh, awesome, that’s right! A shame not everyone was in such awe of me as you!

(Enter Minos)

(Whole cast hisses and boos)

Minos:             (Angrily) Hey! That’s no way to greet the King of Crete!

Aegeus:           (Contemptuously) Pah! Some king you were!

Minos:             (Laughing) Huh! And you were any better, oh great King of Athens? (Pauses) Now, just remind me. Who had to send human sacrifices to who?

Aegeus:           (Exclaiming) Why, you evil, wicked, cruel, vindictive ..

Poseidon:         (Interrupting) Yes, yes. I think we get it. You two didn’t like each other much, did you?

Aegeus:           Oh I’ve barely started.

Minos:             And what about you and your Athenian thugs? I think seven boys and seven girls every seven years was a small price to pay for what I lost.

(Enter Androgeus)

(Music 4 Chariots of Fire – quick excerpt)

(Androgeus runs up and down in true Olympian style)

Minotaur:        (Scowling) Oh look who it isn’t! Dad’s favourite!

Minos:             Huh! A pity it wasn’t you that got slain at the hands of those Athenian yobs!

Minotaur:        (Sarcastically) Thanks Dad. You never disappoint!

Poseidon:         Indeed he doesn’t. This man has a great deal to answer for!

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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 17 March, 2017.
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