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Welcome to my website
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Welcome to my website

Hi and welcome to my website!

A huge thank you to all my lovely customers and for your wonderful feedback - keeps me writing!

If you are looking for an assembly, play or guided reading script on a specific subject, drop me a line and I will provide it - either from my current collection or from the one yet to be written! A little explanation: In addition to my collection (of over 400 scripts) I am more than happy to WRITE on REQUEST. So if you need a script urgently that is not in my collection, 

Looking forward to Summer 2018 and the World Cup  (all scripts (Assembly, Guided Readers and Quiz) fully updated; ... plus that royal wedding!

FREE Sports Relief Assembly - As someone who finds it hard to sit still, I am doing just that for this year's S.R. challenge - 30 secs to a minute out of each of the 15 zumba routines I do in my classes!

Just added Category full of scripts on happiness - as we have International Day of Happiness coming up, March 20th. I've adapted previous World Smile Day script to an International Day of Happiness Assembly. Great quotes and seriously bad jokes!

My latest script Not Afraid of Failure Assembly/Class Play was prompted by something I heard on Radio 4 last night - Radio 4 24.1.18 21:00 Learning from Life and Death. Journalist and author Matthew Syed continues investigation of how and why individuals and organisations learn from their mistakes or fail to do so. This week: role of entrepreneurs and education. Producer – Martin Rosenbaum

How often are we as adults afraid to admit to not understanding? How much harder is it for children in schools? Not Afraid of Failure script attempts to throw a little light on this. As the writer, I do so hope the message behind it is out there in most of our schools today.

APRIL - August scripts

Easter Sunday 1 April

See Easter Scripts

April 22 Earth Day

See Our Planet - available both as an assembly and as a set of guided reading play scripts  - these cover 5 different habitats and the impact man has on them).

23rd April International Children's Book Day

See Great British Writers Assembly and Roald Dahl Assembly plus numerous other scripts on literature in Literature Section of website, inc. Take a Book: Different Genres of Writing.

April 23 St. George's Day

See set of Guided Reading scripts (5 mini plays) on England

Plus St. George's Day guided reading play script plus Ode   

Plus Assembly on England


May 11 Joan of Arc

See French Assembly Vive La France

May 12 Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision Song Contest Assembly


June 1st International Children's Day

See Children Around the World Assembly


Dance Around the World Assembly

June 5 World Environmental Day

See Our Planet - available both as an assembly and as a set of guided reading play scripts -these cover 5 different habitats and the impact man has on them)

June 8 World Oceans Day

See Sea Life Quizzes and Jokes -set of five covering sharks, whales, dolphins, jelly fish and bony fish

See Jawesome Jury - this is a jury of sharks, led by the Hammerhead Shark as Judge, passing sentence against Man for his mishandling of the sea environment)

June 14 - July 15th World Cup

See Assemblies, Guided Reading Scripts, Quiz etc


July 3 American Independence Day

See Independence scripts in US Catalog

July 6 Fiesta de San Fermin

See Spanish Assembly

July 14 Bastille Day  - France

See French Assembly Vive La France!

July 18 Nelson Mandela Day (birthday)

See Nelson Mandela play. This script is available either as a single script, or as part of a collection - see Famous People of the 20th Century (including Martin Luther King, Gandhi, John Lennon and Prominent Women).

See Leavers Day Assemblies


1. If you place an order and you do not receive the script as email attachment from me WITHIN 24 HOURS, please do not hesitate to contact me - do not wait any longer. I pride myself on very quick service as I know how tight teacher schedules are time wise. My email address is - always happy to help. You can place an order via Paypal or credit card - in the case of the latter, the instruction is 'Check out as Guest' which takes you to the next page where you can make a card payment. I am sorry this instruction is so 'obscure' - paypal have just updated and this is one of the consequences. We are trying to get it reworded but I apologise for any confusion in the meantime - case of financial/software people not begin great communicators, I guess!

2. If you experience any difficulty in ordering the script, again - contact me immediately. Technology does not always 'co-operate' and I know just how frustrating it can be if you need a script NOW! Whilst ordering directly off the website is by far the easiest and quickest option, there are other options if this proves 'overly problematic' - so please do not give up

3. Word version of script is available on purchase of Performing Rights Certificate. I do not make latter a compulsory part of purchase process but it is much appreciated when customers show their appreciation of my scripts in this way, either at time of purchase of later.

My collection of scripts is now over 400! So if you are unable to find the one you are after, please drop me a line - Might be quicker than wading through the website!

I am happy to write on request - so if there are any scripts missing from my collection, please let me know. I have to date managed to write scripts well within the week - I think my record is within a day! Latest requested script, Jonah and the Whale, thank you to Sarah for this: "It looks fantastic can't wait to start work on it tomorrow. Thanks for all your hard work"

Finally, I would like to repeat. If you have not received the script(s) you have ordered within 24 hours of placing the order, PLEASE be sure to contact me IMMEDIATELY. On receipt of order, scripts are sent out straight away as email attachments and there should be NO DELAY. Don’t hesitate to contact me – always happy to help.  

Enjoy!   Sue

Welcome to my website
How to Use this Site
How to Use this Site
Performance Rights and Conditions of Use
Performance Rights and Conditions of Use
How to contact us
How to contact us
Favourite quotations
Favourite quotations