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Bonfire Night School Assembly  Product 24 of 56 in category History  Titanic Assembly

Guy Fawkes Assembly

Guy Fawkes Assembly
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Price £12.99 


Guy Fawkes Assembly

Duration: Around 10 minutes

This assembly has a cast of 30 – numbers can be easily reduced (as explained in Production Notes).  The inclusion of a *mini play entitled The Trial of Guy Fawkes presents a ‘new take’ on history’s verdict – an interesting twist when the only witness is found guilty by the only member of the jury! i.e. Guy Fawkes walks (free)! This mini play has a cast of 6 and its inclusion is optional – the rest of the assembly focuses on the facts! Another ‘addition’ is at the end of the script where I have included a Fact File – which I thought would be useful (a) to add more facts to the assembly if necessary (perhaps if the mini play is not included) (b) as an introduction to the subject (c) as the basis for a quiz, to test the children’s knowledge. Hopefully, a pretty comprehensive package!

*Guy Fawkes on Trial This is a short play with cast of 6. It could be used in the classroom or put on as a performance in front of the school, or used by a drama club.

Sample text From Guy Fawkes Assembly:

Characters (Cast of 30)


Children 1 -10

Guy Fawkes plus 13 Conspirators

Cast for ‘play’: Judge

                          Guy Fawkes

              Policeman (Witness) – see Production Notes



              Member of the Jury


Music: Handel’s Music for the Royal Fireworks

(Children file in to this music)

Narrator:             Good morning and welcome to our Guy Fawkes Assembly.

Child 1:                 The music you have just been listening to is Handel’s Music for the Royal Fireworks. First performed in 1749 for George II

Child 2:                 But more recently played, in 2002, in celebration of our present queen’s Golden Jubilee

(Child 3 nudges Child 2)

Child 2:                 Oh! That’s Queen Elizabeth II, of course! At Buckingham Palace – plus fireworks!

Child 3:                 The earliest fireworks were made in China, around 2,000 years ago – otherwise known as Chinese crackers!

Child 4:                 The first ones to be used in England were at the wedding of King Henry VII in 1486.

Child 5:                 Fireworks became more and more popular

Child 6:                 And King James II was so impressed by those used at his own coronation in 1685 that he had the guy in charge knighted!

Child 7:                 Did you say ‘guy’?

Child 6:                 I may have done. Why?

Child 7:                 Not the Guy?

Child 6:                 What are you on about?

Child 7:                 (Shaking his head in disbelief) Only the most famous Guy in our entire history!

(Guy Fawkes steps forward)

Guy Fawkes:      (To Child 7) Thank you! That would be me! Guy Fawkes!

(Whole cast applauds and cheers)

Narrator:             (Disapprovingly) Only the most infamous Guy in our entire history!

Guy Fawkes:      (Looking hurt) Ooh! That’s a bit harsh!

Narrator:             I don’t think so! We will draw our own conclusions from the following evidence. (To Guy Fawkes) Please sit down!

(Guy Fawkes sits down, moodily)

Narrator:             So. Let’s learn a little more about this man – this Guy Fawkes.

Child 8:                 He was born and educated in York.

(Guy Fawkes stands up)

Guy Fawkes:      Nothing wrong with that!

Narrator:             (Testily) Do please remain seated, Mr. Fawkes, until I ask you to stand up!

(Guy Fawkes sits down again)

Narrator:             Please continue.

Child 9:                 At around the age of 16 he became a Catholic and became very cross when his king, James I, refused to let Catholics practice their own form of worship.

Child 10:               At that time, only the Protestant form of worship was allowed. Guy Fawkes wanted to change this.

(Guy Fawkes stands up)

Guy Fawkes:      Well, can you blame me? Wasn’t it just a little unfair that we were forced to practice our religion in private? And even then we ran the risk of being executed, if found out!

Narrator:             So you decided to take matters into your own hands? By blowing up the king of England?

Guy Fawkes:      Quite right! And to help me …. (Waving co-conspirators onto the stage) Meet my fellow conspirators!

(Each taking a bow as they introduce themselves)

                        Robert Catesby:               Robert Catesby, at your service. I was the leader!


For sample text of mini play, go to Trial of Guy Fawkes in History section of Guided Reading.


For more information, please visit this products webpage.


Learn About Performance Rights:  Performance Rights Information

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 01 January, 1970.
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