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Peace Freedom and Harmony Class Play plus Diff Religions script  Product 13 of 38 in category PSHE  What Do You Want For Christmas?

Olympics PRIDE Assembly

Olympics PRIDE Assembly
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Price £12.99 


Olympics PRIDE Assembly

Cast of 25

Duration: around 15 - 20 minutes reading time - around 4 minutes for each 'section' covering Positive Mental Attitude, Respect, Intelligent Choices, Dreams & Goals, Effort and Education. This obviously doesn’t include music which is optional.

P.R.I.D.E. - an acronym for Positive attitude; Respect for yourself and others;  the ability to make Intelligent decisions; time to Dream; and not forgetting all the Effort that needs to be put in - in all walks of life.

This Class Play provide the perfect way of demonstrating what it takes to make it in life - the kind of success story all children can aspire to.

Also available as set of 5 guided reading play scripts (Readers Theater) plus quizzes, as broken down above - See under Guided Reading Play Scripts section

Sample Text

Coach:                         Good morning and welcome to our (lifts PRIDE banner) PRIDE Assembly on the 2016 Olympics.


(Enter Fan 1, Dancer 1, Coach, Athlete 1 & Athlete 2 and Athlete 3 holding



Fan 1:              (Singing) Nod ya head, Olympics comin! Nod ya head Olympics comin….

Dancer 1:        Hold up! Hold Up! What was that move again?

Coach:             I’ll give you moves! Like, how about movin’ outta here!

Athlete 1:        We’ve got athletic moves to master, man!

Athlete 2:        And those moves take practice.

Athlete 3:        Hours and hours of it!

Fan 1:              But you’ve got the moves, bro! You don’t need to practice!

Coach:             (Snorting) Do you really think it’s that easy?

Fan 1:              Yeah, somethin’ like that. It wouldn’t matter how many hours I spent runnin’ and throwin’ an’ doin’ whatever else these athletes do …. I’d still be bottom of the heap! My school mates always said I was rubbish and they were right!

Dancer 1:        Hold up! Hold up! Aren’t we meant to be discussing positive mental attitude here? I’d say yours was round about zero on a positive ratings scale!

Coach:             (Sighing) I can see I’ve got a bit of coaching to do here (looking at fan) before I can see to my own Athletes.

Athlete 1:        No probs, Coach. We all know where this young man’s coming from.

Athlete 2:        Yeah. I used to think I was no good – I’d never have dreamt I’d be playing for this team one day!

Fan 1:              (Exclaiming) No! Really? But you’re ‘the man’! How could you not believe in yourself?

Athlete 2:        All too easily!

Athlete 3:        I was lucky – I had my mum to back me up. But not all of us have that support and you have to develop your own mental strategies.

Fan 1:              But nobody’s ever told me I’m any good at anything!

Coach:             Which is exactly why you have to believe in yourself!

Athlete 1:        Don’t waste your time waiting for others to sing your praises.

Dancer 1:        You could have a real long wait! Trust me, you have to just get out there and do it!

Fan 1:              But do what? I’ve already said I’m no good at anything!

Athlete 2:        Or so you’ve led yourself to believe. I’ll bet one day you’ll find something that you’ll want to do with a passion

Athlete 3:        That eats you up! Believe me, you’ll find it or it’ll find you – you’ve just got to be patient.

Coach:             We can’t all be brilliant at athletics - just as well, really, or I’d be out of a job!

Athlete 3:        And you’re so young! Take your time – there’s no rush.

Dancer 1:        But don’t waste your time moping!

Athlete 1:        Get out there and make the most of what you have now!

Athlete 2:        Fulfill your personal potential! Don’t worry what others say!

Athlete 3:        We all have a different path to take in life. Find yours!

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 14 September, 2015.
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