Welcome to our section dedicated to Key Stage 2 (KS2) assemblies for primary and secondary school Children. Designed around  Key Stage 2 (KS2) curriculum subjects. To be used in the classroom, as school class plays. alternatively, as assemblies for performing in front of the whole school.

Performance time is  15 – 20 minutes and will vary depending on how much music is used.

Cast size is around 30. The Production Notes explain how this number can be increased or decreased, according to class size.

Stage management of assemblies. I envisage a class of 30 filing into a hall and sitting down at the front, facing the audience, on two rows of benches (15 children each). Obviously, numbers vary from class to class, but this is the general format I work too. This was how I saw assemblies performed when I was teaching.  It was how I performed them myself. So, if in the script I talk about ‘exit’ and ‘enter’ I am referring to children either standing up and delivering their lines, or making their way to the front/centre stage, and then returning to their places.