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Macbeth Play: Villain or Victim?  Product 11 of 43 in category Literature  Snow White Pantomime

Romeo and Juliet in Love

Romeo and Juliet in Love
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Price £12.99 


Romeo and Juliet Play

Romeo and Juliet IN LOVE ... well, weren't they?!

Cast size of 18-30 can be easily adjusted up or down. Likewise with actual duration of play - depending on length and number of songs included - to lengthen the play from around 15 minute, Dire Straits song Romeo and Juliet can be added - as explained in Production Notes.

The script is versatile and easy to produce - narrative kept very simple - a modern day adaptation. I will be writing a lengthier script that has greater inclusion of original Shakespeare script which would be suitable for older students. This one, in its simplicity, is really suitable for Year 5/6 plus.


1.       Love is in the air – John Paul Young or Tom Jones

2.       *Romeo & Juliet – Dire Straits *optional inclusion – see Production Notes

3.       Can you feel the love tonight? – Elton John

4.       You’re the one that I want – Olivia Newton John and John Travolta

5.       All you need is love – The Beatles

6.       Don’t go breaking my heart –Kiki Dee and Elton John

7.       Oh no, not my baby – Carol King

8.       If you leave me now – Chicago

9.       I’ll Always Love You – Whitney Houston

10.   Love hurts – Nazareth

11.   Stop in the name of love – Diana Ross

12.   Stop Look Listen to your heart and what it’s saying – Stylistics



Sample Text:

Juliet:                                    (Exploding) You’ve got to be joking! Married barely an hour – and I’m looking up visiting times?!

Friar Lawrence:                 Compassion, my child!

Juliet:                                    I’ll give you compassion!  If you give me the money to bail him out!

Friar Lawrence:                 But haven’t you heard? Romeo has been let off – all you have to do is join him in Mantua.

Juliet:                                    In Mantua? But this is my home! (Aside) I’ve heard the Mantuan shops are nothing like as good as in Verona!

Narrator:                             (Coughing) Er, how about just a little concern for your Romeo?

Juliet:                                    (Tutting, reluctantly). I s’pose.

Narrator:                             So, let’s try that again! Take two!

Music 6 Oh no, not my baby – Carol King

Juliet:                                    (Wailing along to song) Oh no, not my baby. Oh no, not my sweet baby!

Narrator:                             Oh please! Don’t let’s over do it! (Aside) Time to move the plot along – see if we can get rid of this one! No wonder Romeo had second thoughts!

                                                (Calling to Friar) Friar! Your plan, please!

Friar:                                      Ah yes. Now, let’s see. (Scratching head) What was it again?

Narrator:                             (Sighing) This could take forever!  Allow me … You listening, Juliet? Take some of this ..(Hands her bottle, which she promptly downs in one, clutches throat, staggers around and then falls to the ground – dead.) and …. Oh dear! (Examining label on bottle) I’ve gone and got the bottles mixed up! This is no sleeping lotion! This one was meant for Romeo – it’s poison!

Music 7  If you leave me now – Chicago

(Cast humming accompaniment, all in state of mourning)

Narrator:                             Cut! Cut! This wasn’t meant to happen! How can we finish the play now?

(Romeo dashes onto stage)

Romeo:                                What have you done? I’ve just galloped all the way back from Mantua …

Narrator:                             Well, that bit’s right!

Romeo:                                Yes, I know. But she’s gone and drunk my poison! How am I supposed to die now?

Narrator:                             (Coughing) Er, a few tears for your beloved Juliet?

Romeo:                                (Bracing himself) OK. I’ll give it a go.

Music 8 I’ll Always Love You – Whitney Houston

(Romeo sings really ‘over the top’ version of song)

Juliet:                                    (Sitting up abruptly) Right! That’s it! A girl can only put up with so much. I was prepared to go along with the playing it dead thing. But who said anything about having to listen to you killing my favorite song? I don’t think so! Consider us OVER!



Learn About Performance Rights:  Performance Rights Information

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 01 January, 1970.
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