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Product 1 of 43 in category Literature  Midsummer Night's Dream Play

Romeo and Juliet Valentines Play

Romeo and Juliet Valentines Play
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Price £12.99 


Romeo and Juliet Valentines Play or School Assembly

A Valentines Play with a difference - Romeo & Juliet very much 'out of love' despite the accompanying 12 classic love songs! This modern alternative version sticks to the plot .... but with a few rather interesting variables thrown in!

There are numerous other scripts in my collection of alternative Shakespeare plays for schools or drama clubs.

Romeo and Juliet out of love? How can this be?

A Valentines Play with a difference. Never have men had such a raw deal! Imagine Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Snow White all spurning their princes! Imagine Romeo spurning Juliet! This real life 'take' turns every story on its head!

Cast of 30 - easily adapted up or down

Duration: 15 - 25 minutes depending on how much music is used. 

I have also produced a shorter version, with suggestions on how to reduce cast size to 23 (this number can be reduced further by doubling up). This version focuses on the story of Romeo & Juliet (same alternative version), taking out fairy tale 'extras' as listed above. For a copy of this,place an order for this longer one (at 12.99) and I will email the shorter version to you, free of charge.

Music 8 If you leave me now - Chicago

Narrator:                  Cut! Cut! This wasn't meant to happen! How can we finish the play now?

(Romeo dashes onto stage)

Romeo:                     What have you done? I've just galloped all the way back from Mantua ...

Narrator:                  Well, that bit's right!

Romeo:                     Yes, I know. But she's gone and drunk my poison! How am I supposed to die now?

Cupid:                        (Coughing) Er, what about your beloved Juliet?

Narrator:                  Yes. Couldn't you look just a little bit more upset?

Romeo:                     (Bracing himself) OK. I'll give it a go.

Music 9 I'll Always Love You - Whitney Houston

(Romeo sings really ‘over the top' version of Whitney Houston's I'll Always Love You)

Juliet:                         (Sitting up abruptly) Right! That's it! A girl can only put up with so much. I was prepared to go along with the playing it dead thing. But to listen to you killing my favorite song? I don't think so! Consider us OVER!

Narrator:                  Hey! Wait a minute! Aren't you forgetting something? (Dangling bag of sweets in front of her)

(Cast all stand up, shaking fists at Juliet)

Juliet:                         Oh very well. (Lies down again)

                                    (To Romeo) Just make it quick, will you? Take my dagger - that should do it!

Romeo:                     (Looking doubtfully) Ooh. I don't know about this. Not sure this was totally what I signed up for.

Music 10 Love hurts - Nazareth

Juliet:                         Oh get on with it! If I can take your poison, you can take my dagger, you big girl's blouse!

Romeo:                     Hmm. I think I'd have preferred the poison! Ah well,

                                    (Taking a dramatic stand) In the name of love ..... (holds up dagger, about to plunge into chest ...)

(Enter Lady Capulet, plus 2 others dressed as The Supremes - launch into hearty rendition of Diana Ross song)

Music 11 Stop in the name of love - Diana Ross

(Lady Capulet goes over to Romeo, shaking her finger)

Lady Capulet:          Didn't I make it clear last time we met? No blood!  No cleaning bill! Weren't you listening?



1.       Love is in the air – John Paul Young or Tom Jones

2.       Sugar Sugar – The Archies

3.       Can you feel the love tonight? – Elton John

4.       You’re the one that I want – Olivia Newton John and John Travolta

5.       All you need is love – The Beatles

6.       Don’t go breaking my heart –Kiki Dee and Elton John

7.       Oh no, not my baby – Carol King

8.        If you leave me now – Chicago

9.       I’ll Always Love You – Whitney Houston

10.   Love hurts – Nazareth

11.   Stop in the name of love – Diana Ross

12.   Stop Look Listen to your heart and what it’s saying – Stylistics



For performance rights, please select from options below. Please note that these are in addition to the price of the play (11.99). For extra certificates (additional performances) and any queries re: performance rights please email me on




Learn About Performance Rights:  Performance Rights Information

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