Animal Alphabet Assembly for Key Stage I


Animal Alphabet Assembly for Key Stage I



Animal Alphabet Assembly for Key Stage I

Cast of 26 (letters of the alphabet) plus narrator (class teacher). Number easily adjustable up or down.

Duration: Around 10 – 15 minutes

This is a fun romp through the alphabet … accompanied by those animals! This script provides a template which can be edited as required to the appropriate age and ability of children.

A Key Stage II script is also available – entitled Awesome Animal World Record Breakers Assembly.

Sample Text

Narrator:             (To whale) Oh! Do, please, just stay where you are! You’re really way too big to be moving around!

                        Whale:                  (Huffily) Well, I can’t help it if I’m the biggest creature on earth!

Narrator:             You are truly awesome! But I repeat. Please just stay where you are! We don’t want a whole cast plus audience flattened today – even if that’s not your intention!

                                (To x-ray tetra) Whereas you? Well, we can hardly see you!

X-Ray Tetra:        That’s why they call me the x-ray fish! You can see right through me!

Yak:                        No trouble seeing me, an awesome ox

Narrator:             Taking us to Y for Yak. That only leaves us with one more! Now, who was it who was covering Z?

Zebra:                   Last but not least! You can’t have forgotten me, already? What other creature has stripes like mine?

Narrator:             Ooh. Sorry. (Aside) You should never make a zebra cross!

Zebra:                   (Groaning) I hope this isn’t going to turn into a zebra crossing joke?



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