Rock Star Class Play Self-esteem


Rock Star Class Play Self-esteem


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Rock Star!  

This play is about believing in yourself and doing what you want to do – to the best of your ability! Forget your fears! Watch them roll away in this play about ‘self belief'. The music suggestions are unashamedly taken from none other than … Hannah Montana! If you want to see your class come alive, try this script! It's a must for Hannah Montana fans and rockers alike – of all ages!

Music 1 – Rock Star

(Cast file on, rocking to loud rock music in background)

Maddie:           Good morning and welcome to our class play – ROCK STAR! That's me (adjusts blond wig) … but don't go thinking life's just one long blast – it's pretty scary for me at times – I have major ‘hang-ups' just like the rest of you.

Dad:                 Just as well you've got me, then! I keep your feet firmly on the ground.

Izzie:                And me! I'm always there for you, as your friend.

Maddie:           And keeper of my secret! Leading a double life is fun

Fan 1:              (Screaming) Maddie! We love you!

Fan 2:              You rock!

Dad:                 But it's important you remember who you really are. A young girl with your whole life ahead of you.

Maddie:           I know, Dad. (Aside) Here comes the lecture about the importance of school

Katie:               The importance of friends

Dad:                 And the importance of doing what is right for you.

Maddie:           And that's what we're here celebrating today – the importance of being your own person

Ben:                 Not worrying about the judgment of others

Izzie:                Just doing what you do best.

Maddie:           Believing in yourself and realizing your own potential

Dad:                 So let's hear it for  …(holds up S.TR.E.N.G.TH banner)

Whole cast:     Strength!

Maddie:           And to break that down a little …(Turning to cast) Ready guys?

Dancer 1:        (Holds up S) S stands for

Whole cast:     Stand Strong!

Dancer 2:        (Holds up TR) TR stands for

Whole cast:     Try different things!

Dancer 3:        (Holds up E) E stands for

Whole cast:     Esteem!

Dancer 4:        (Holds up N) N stands for

Whole cast:     Never give up!

Dancer 5:        (Holds up G) G stands for

Whole cast:     Go for it!

Dancer 6:        (Holds up TH) TH stands for

Whole cast:     Thrive!

Maddie:           Yeah! That's a pretty good message to start with. So, let's get on with the show!

MUSIC  (taken from Hannah Montana)

  • 1. Rock Star
  • 2. Best of Both Worlds
  • 3. G.N.O. (Girls Night Out)
  • 4. Nobody's Perfect
  • 5. True Friend
  • 6. Make Some Noise
  • 7. Life's What You Make It


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