The Planets


The Planets


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The Planets Assembly

Cast Size Written for class of 30 but numbers can easily be adapted up or down – with additional or fewer lines.

Duration 10 to 20 minutes. Around 10 minutes reading time. This does not allow for inclusion of music. This may be added on or left out depending on time constraints. The inclusion of all suggested music could potentially double the length of the performance – to around 20 minutes.

Lost in space? And no idea where you're from? Don't panic! No need to feel alienated  – not when you've got a space craft to take you wherever  you please in our solar system. Join our travels through space and find out everything you need to know about where and where not to set up home!

This class play or assembly covers all the planets in our solar system. It is based on the science curriculum for primary/elementary schools and is a fun way for children to learn 'astronomic' facts and become familiar with the great classical music of The Planets – Holst plus a few rock classics from the likes of David Bowie!

Also now available is a set of 4 scripts, the others being A Brief History of Space, The Ancients and the Stars and Stepping Back into Space: Past and Future. These can be bought separately or as a set of four including Space Quiz based on the scripts' content .. plus a few other 'fun facts'! (This Quiz is also available separately)

Sample Text

(Loud whistling howling noises of approaching storm)

Alien:  Wow! What's that!

Narrator:  Sounds like a hurricane!

(Great Red Spot roars across stage)

Jupiter: Oh! You mean my Great Red Spot! So much for skin-care! (Chucks away bottle of Skin Cleanser) I really must get that seen to sometime!

Galileo: Like when? That Great Red Spot has only been raging for …..the last 300 years!

Alien: Oh! And it's getting awfully dark round here!

Jupiter: Didn't anyone tell you my day only lasts just under 10 hours!

Narrator: Time we moved on, I think!

Alien: Yes, that definitely wasn't my home!

Music 12 – Saturn – The Planets (Holst)


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